Hey ladies, just wanted to give you a heads up. There’s been a lot more chatter in recent years about the cost of being a lady. It’s been called the ‘pink tax’. It’s the bullshit we pay extra for on everyday products and the exorbitant amount that those with a vagina have to pay to maintain clean… More Menopaused.

3 months.

In August of 2014, I was released from formal treatment and entered the world of cancer monitoring. It was a bizarre appointment for me, I had a lot of emotions to manage. There is a large expectation that I should act elated and triumphant, that I loudly celebrate the end of my cancer journey. I have… More 3 months.

Picky Picky

Most everyone has some weird nervous tick they’ve picked up along the way. They bite their nails. They grit their teeth. They bite their pencils. I would guess that most people have no idea why they do these things and wish they could just stop. They try bitter nail polish. They invest in mouthguards. They occupy… More Picky Picky


Well, I’ve never been great at self-motivation. Too bad that blogs are entirely fuelled by it. My apologies for going so long without an entry… I’m in the midst of the semester coming to a close. I have been pursuing my undergraduate degree since 2007. When I graduate this coming May, I will have been… More Canschooled

Bottoms Up

I’ve been sitting on this domain for a few months now. Every now and again, I’ll fire up WordPress and see if today is the day that I feel like starting my cancer blog empire. I mean, I’m pretty sure this is how this is supposed to work…… More Bottoms Up